Tuition: Each period consists of six consecutive weeks: children: one two-hour class per week, at a cost of $132 plus $20 that will be used as needed towards supplies.

Adults: one three-hour class per week, at a cost of $180.

Supplies: Supplies will be available for student purchase and must be paid at that time.

Make up classes: Make-up classes may be taken only during a period when the student is actively enrolled. Make-ups may be taken during any other class but not on the student’s scheduled day. To be entitled to a make-up class, students must call 2 hours ahead to cancel a scheduled session. Art in the Square will not extend the missed week to the next tuition period. If a student is unable to attend a make-up class, they must call 2 hours ahead to cancel or the session will be forfeited.

Holidays: When classes are not held due to holidays, the tuition period will be extended.

Bringing a guest: Students are welcome to bring a guest, but they need to call to make sure there is availability. Guest fee and supplies need to be paid at that time.

Lockers: Students may leave all supplies in a locker. If a student discontinues the classes, all personal property must be removed from the locker within two weeks. Supplies left beyond two weeks will become the property of Art in the Square.